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It's a one shot deal. Mirrors the working drive, and makes it bootable for testing before wiping the origin drive as well as mountable otherwise. It's completely free - the charge features are for using it as a backup solution. If you pay for it, it will allow you to take that mirrored image and, like time machine, only update the mirrored images where the origin disk has changed - and it lets you do it on a schedule. Neither of these features are necessary for this task.

That's the important bit right? Once you've finished we can continue to explore why you're having issues and move on. I appreciate the additional detail on SuperDuper, but the problem is that I don't have another disk onto which to clone the existing drive. The big external FW drive has backups for two other computers, and there's too much on it to move it all back to my MBP.

The fact that the image scans properly in preparation for restore makes me believe that it might just work, but that's not enough confidence for me to try it on a Sunday evening before she leaves for work tomorrow. Rosyna, I've tried imaging both the device and the partition, and both fail with the same error. You may be able to mount it with the no verify argument passed to hdiutil.

Alternatively, it is slightly possible you have some disk corruption.

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In which case, making a disk image will also copy that corruption. And hdiutil will see that corruption and fail to mount. Or check to see if it is corrupted. You can use ditto to back up the files, then use ditto to restore. I think SuperDuper uses ditto for some options. Not making sure of this will lead to permission errors and the inability to boot from the restored backup. This is also why ditto is not that recommended for people. If SuperDuper allows you to choose an arbitrary backup folder, that may be better. The -v and -V options are just there to give you a progress report.

Otherwise, ditto can be unnervingly quiet.

How To Fix ‘No Mountable File Systems Error’?

Using disk utility is still the best option. Especially since ditto does not create a folder for the last path component of the target volume. This can lead to some "oddness". I believe that imagescan will simply calculate the checksums required for the block copy restore, and register the total sizes of the partitions, I'm not sure any verification of the actual filesystem goes on at that point, so I think you're right to be paranoid about that step. One more thought Are you sure you want to open this disk image? I haven't yet tried imaging it from another Tiger machine.

I suppose I can try that next. One reason that I'm so keen to back everything up right now is that my wife dropped her MacBook on Saturday.

What is Stencyl?

I fell about 4 feet and pancaked on the tile floor. It was sleeping at the time, and it's behaved normally ever since, but I'm worried. Is there any limitation on size of a disk image?

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This one is about 27 GB compressed, and 38 GB when mounted. It says that the disk image's data is correct. THe file itself matches the checksum. And all file systems inside the disk image have the correct checksum. The issue is that the FS inside the machine you are doing the backup from is corrupted.

Fix No mountable file systems Error

This may be a hardware or software error if not for a bug in one specific seed of So I would first do the following: Create a backup disk image as you have before. Mount it, when it asks you to allow it to mount, go ahead and say yes. Verify all files are there. Unmount the disk image. Note, even if you cannot install A new feature of This is to prevent data loss, so you can back up everything you can.

macos - I'm unable to mount a DMG, getting a "no mountable filesystems" error - Super User

But it means if you ever install Since its only scanning the internal FS in the disk image, it's not saying the destination is bad. Do what when booted from the volume you want to back up. Can't mount freshly-created DMG: "No mountable file systems" 26 posts. Here's the log from Disk Util: quote:. Originally posted by dhaveconfig: have you rebooted yet? Bryan CS. What filesystem are you using on the external backup drive? Thanks M. Last edited 12th November at AM. Does the Flash Player update released yesterday v Should have said, this happens with every DMG file, no matter which location i open it from, network, external hdd etc The same files work on other macs.

Does it make any difference if you try mounting a DMG through Terminal?

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  8. Do you have any. I had the same problem a little while ago and it turned out that the user-side profile file had somehow caused this. I fixed it by recreating the mobileconfig file and redeploying it. A short term test is to remove the user profile and reboot the Mac.

    Originally Posted by Arthur. Originally Posted by Norphy. Time machine backup Reboot not working It's driving me insane. Uninstall any profiles.

    macOS Error Opening .dmg Disk Image - No Mountable File Systems

    Now working. Cheers guys. You cannot save this file as this file may be read only or open elsewhere